My heart’s anthem

Hello blog readers,
I want to share one of my journal entries with you. A few nights ago, I sat in my room, wanting to spend time with God. The most comforting thoughts came to me from the Holy Spirit. I wrote them down, and re-read them today. They are so comforting to me still, and I pray these words fill you with hope.

“I am with God. You are bathed and clothed in righteousness. You are loved beyond your understanding. You are loved beyond your own comprehension. You are blessed and favored. I am with God, and you are given favor by Him that made the earth. You have taken back the enemy’s turf. The way to God is through him that died for your sins. He is able to do things you cannot. Be free in God’s Son. Be free in Jesus. I am God’s spirit. I have plans to give you hope and a future.

Sincere appreciation for God’s spirit will result in many things. Good things. Many good things belong to those who love God and obey the word of God… who look to Him for provision, and worry not about things on their own mind. Give matters to God. He will give back peace of mind and offer abilities that no man can offer. Give Him your heart, and He will give back more than you can imagine. It’s the best decision one can make — to give himself/herself to God for the purpose of eternal salvation. Hope is given. Repair is expected. Blessed are all who wait on the Lord.

Let this be your heart’s anthem: God LOVES me!”




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