Give Him time!

This morning after taking my son to school, I was asking the Holy Spirit what I can do for Him today… I knew I needed to complete a blog article — but I wanted to go back to sleep first. I worked past midnight last night and still felt sleepy. Before I got out of the car, I waited to see if the Holy Spirit would reveal what I should write about after my nap.

Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

I heard a super-soft whisper say “stay awake”…

Ok, so for a split second, I was tempted to act like I didn’t hear it. I was so sleepy!! So I sat there, like maybe He would change His mind because He knew I was sleepy.. (He didn’t)

Before I got out of the car, I heard “Give me time”… My mind initially interpreted that as “it would take time before He does something for me”… I could almost feel the Holy Spirit giving me the side-eye.  And then it hit me — He doesn’t need time to prepare for anything he has for me… He wants me to give Him time. Ok, I agreed.

So I came inside and fed my spirit for hours. I gave Him my time. I talked to Him…. told Him my concerns.. thanked Him…sang to Him… The minute I walked in the door, my sleepiness dissolved. It’s been a good day. Me and Him! He knew I needed to be in His presence to write this blog:  One word changed my life.

I hope this blesses you!

With love.

These are some of the videos I watched today:

Joann Rosario Condrey:In This World, Not Of It

Joann Rosario Condrey:The Truth About Your Purpose

Special Impartation Service with Papa, Apostle Nahum Rosario at RainFire Church

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